“There is a New World Somewhere”: USC Alum Promotes Film for the Modern Generation

Seed&Spark: There is a New World Somewhere from Li Lu on Vimeo.

Young and driven twenty-somethings often face the same problem; they posses an abundance of passion, but lack ways to manifest it.  In an age where immediacy pervades our lives, it’s hard to find the time to let inspiration in. This story puts a sharp focus on those fears; It is an unflinching look at the creative process and all its highs and lows. “There is a New World Somewhere” is a coming-of-age story of a woman who has lost her way. Sylvia, a troubled woman, comes back to her Texas hometown for a friend’s wedding. The night before, she meets Esteban, a mysterious drifter, who dares her to come on a roadtrip through the Deep South. The film unravels into an intimate portrayal of two souls who have lost direction in life, both trying to fight self-doubt and the doubt of others. Like “Y Tu Mama Tambien” and “Paris, TX?” You’ll fall in love with this film.
“There is a New World Somewhere” is a feature film written and directed by USC Alumna Li Lu (’09).  Her team is near completion on their crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark, a platform built exclusively for independent films and filmmakers. To promote their campaign, Lu’s team has reached out to well-known travel bloggers by taking roadtrips with them across the South – mainly to encourage others to be more adventurous. They want to connect with the millennial generation through their film and inspire people along the way.

They have only 14 days left on their campaign, so your support is much needed and appreciated! This is as indie as indie gets!

To contribute, please visit the project’s page:http://www.seedandspark.com/studio/there-new-world-somewhere
Official website: www.tianws.com

guest post by Li Lu, USC ’09


Learn From the Pros!

USC School of Cinematic Arts Summer Program presents

 A special 4 hour seminar:

“Dating Your Character – How to Create Memorable, Fully Dimensional  & Non-Cliché Characters That Soar (& Sell!)”

Competition in today’s changing economy is fiercely intense for a small handful of “bankable actors” that help greenlight movies or TV series.  What drives an actor to sign on to a project—especially if the payday is less than their usual quote—is a compelling, multi-dimensional character that an actor can sink his or her teeth into.  Additionally, the layered role inspires actors to dig deeper in their preparation and research – something actors long for and look for.  How do we, as artists, of all ages and levels of experience, define ourselves and distinguish our “unique voice” or “brand?”  How do we go about creating layered, diverse, flesh and blood characters that rivet our audiences and get independent and major studios to pay attention?

Award-wining Producer/Manager Marilyn R. Atlas (“Real Women Have Curves, “Echoes” and “A Certain Desire”) teams with USC Adjunct Professor/Former Studio Exec. turned Award-winning Writer/Director/Producer Devo Cutler-Rubenstein for this lively, interactive, perhaps even career-altering seminar where attendees learn how non-stereotypical characters can help greenlight your projects– and your career!  This seminar includes exercises to ignite deeper, more creative choices for both actor and writer, exploring how to use your truth as an artist in an always-changing market hungry for authenticity.

This dynamic, sure-to-entertain course will address both actors and writers, covering:

• How to create memorable (i.e. marketable) multi-dimensional characters
• How to recognize diverse POVs, and avoid cliché on-the-nose characters
• How to generate (and magnify) authentic dialogue and behavior that give insight into your character(s)
• How to use improv techniques as a powerful writing and auditioning tool to nail the role and redefine stereotypes, supporting your unique edge as an artist.
• 50 question check-list on layered character development
• “Character – Challenge – Change,” aka the “Cha-Cha-Cha”: the dynamic infra-structure and fuel for your story
• Nourishing flaws, foibles and idiosyncrasies within your character as riveting details that engage your reader (and help to attract stars to your screenplay, play, animation, documentary or webisode project)

Plus 5 insider tips for creating, developing, and marketing unforgettable characters.

We will review certain films, including new releases, that successfully created memorable, fully fleshed-out characters and we encourage attendees’ additional suggestions.  Also, bring those burning questions for a wrap-up Q&A at the end of the day.

Models for discussion include: “Downton Abbey (TV),”“Ides of March,”“As Good As It Gets,”“Slumdog Millionaire,”“Little Miss Sunshine,”“Do the Right Thing,”“The Hurt Locker,”“Girls (TV),”“Indiana Jones,”“Bridesmaids,”“Notes on a Scandal,”“Real Women Have Curves,”“Whale Rider,”“The Substitute,”“Crazy, Stupid Love,”“Silver Linings Playbook,”“Damages (TV),”“Mad Men (TV),”“Weeds (TV),”“Iron Man,”“Crash,”“The Wrestler,”“On the Waterfront,”“Trouble in Paradise,”“Tootsie,”“True Blood (TV),”“Silence of the Lambs,”“Michael Clayton,”“Gladiator,”“Modern Family (TV).”

Date: Saturday, July 13th
Time: 10am-2pm
Cost: FREE
Location: USC School of Cinematic Arts, Room number TBA
900 W. 34th St., Los Angeles, CA 90089 –metered parking available or $8 pay structure

RSVP online to hold your place. For more info call (213) 740-3327.