What is Adsum?

Adsum | ahd-soom [Latin] | “I am here,” “I am present”

Adsum is a student-run literary magazine that seeks to showcase the extensive depth and variety of creative works found at the University of Southern California.  In 2012, co-founders Britta Roosendahl, Billy Youngblood and Sean Fitz Gerald created Adsum with the ultimate goal of uniting creative individuals who might otherwise remain isolated by department and artistic discipline.

USC is home to thousands of talented students inspired by a variety of different fields; painters, poets, dancers, and musicians pass each other every day, each inspired by artistic passion, but each unaware of the underutilized community around them.  True to its name, Adsum hopes to testify to the presence of this creative network and seeks to declare a united foundation for creative expression within the greater USC community.

This organization provides a voice for the artistic individual, regardless of medium or major; verbal, visual and performance-related submissions are all accepted for monthly review on the Adsum website, and creative diversity is encouraged.  Adsum’s seasonal print issues showcase poetry, prose and visual art, and the editorial board welcomes anyone with a committed interest in editing and publishing.  Adsum also aims to maintain a strong and consistent web presence that will host student content and provide information regarding relevant local events.   In addition to the promotion of original, creative works, this organization also seeks to build strong connections with the creative writing and fine arts communities both on campus and in the larger Los Angeles area.


Emily Chinn



I’m Emily, I’m a biomedical engineering major (so naturally, I wanted to be part of a literary magazine, ’cause engineers are traditionally so good at writing), new member coordinator of Alpha Delta Pi, blogger for Paper Lantern Literary based out of NY, and a former member of the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association and have gone to three of their summer conferences. I also blog for the literary development company Paper Lantern Lit as a “trendsetter” for them. I’m a Nutella addict, football fanatic, and book junkie.


Amy Hutto



Bio coming soon!


Jake D. Tokosh



I’m Jake, a Communication major with a Cinematic Arts minor. I enjoy singing, songwriting, and graphic design. Future goals include, but are not limited to, owning a Shiba.



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